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Very simple bot, showing you your current Telegram ID (chat_id).


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Get My ID Bot chat bot

Get My ID Bot

A bot which providers developers with technical data about themselves and their chats. For instance, use it to find your own user ID so you can send yourself messages via ...

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IDBot chat bot


This bot can supply reply with your Telegram user ID. Use /getid command to get your Telegram ID Or alternatively, use /getgroupid to get a group's ID.

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Channels Stat Bot

Useful bot for channel owners that allows you to monitor for changes in the number of participants of the channel. Very simple and fast adding of your channel. 💥 Two ...

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Daily Horoscopes

⚛ This is a very useful bot which can send your daily horoscope ⚛ You can also get particularly horoscope for more days 🌠

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Where to eat chat bot

Where to eat

Send me your location and I will show you where you can eat

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PollBot chat bot


This bot can create simple polls and you can share this polls with your groups and see the results.

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This bot can show you air ticket and hotel prices by your request.

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Simple task manager bot for teams

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