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/Lunchbox chat bot


Lunchbox will help you schedule lunch with all your peeps at your favorite spots. Use a slash command with your favorite restaurants, and a desired time. Our bot will offer ...

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Trailer Puppy chat bot

Trailer Puppy

Trailer Puppy aggregates new trailers from a few trusted sources. Use the app to fetch and view trailers as well as set up notifications of when movies are released on ...

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Stickzilla chat bot


Search thousands of stickers for the perfect expression. /stickzilla Examples: /stickzilla busy /stickzilla yay

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Someecards chat bot


Locates the most relevant ecards from those funny people over at and shows an ecard in your Slack channel. For example, /someecards happy birthday will show a funny birthday ...

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Chuck Norris chat bot

Chuck Norris is your first source for hand curated Chuck Norris facts. This integration will allow you to retrieve random Chuck Norris facts just by typing /chuck into your slack console. ...

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Urban chat bot


This is a Slack bot that lets you quickly look up phrases from Urban Dictionary. For more check out

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RUWTbot chat bot


Can a robot tell if a game is exciting? I think so. To get started, just type "/ruwtbot hello". I watch sports all day for, searching for a pitcher ...

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Daily Seth chat bot

Daily Seth

Read the full text of Seth Godin's most recent blog post in to any channel you choose.

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DiggBot chat bot


Need to catch up on the latest news? Bored at work? Looking for the freshest videos? DiggBot has your back, friend. Use DiggBot to search for the latest news about ...

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/coinflip chat bot


We built this app to make quick decisions with your team. Don't know who should do what? Don't know where to go to lunch? Trying to decide who gets to ...

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yebot chat bot


Kanye Speaks, And Your Slack Will Listen! "/yebot" will fetch the artist's latest tweets and Slack one directly to your channel. It’s almost like he’s a member of the team.

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/seen chat bot


Slack command to see what your team mates have been up to on the Internet by finding their most recent social media post or checkin. Users attach their social media ...

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Weather App chat bot

Weather App

This app helps users to get current weather information abount any city of the world. User has given fascility to pass city/locaiton name to this app. Weather information maily contains ...

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ClosingBell chat bot


Each morning, get the week's best and worst rated stocks — as rated by Wall Street research firms and the ClosingBell community of thousands of independent analysts, traders and investors. ...

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Dicebot chat bot


Adds the following command: /roll [XdY] - Roll X Y-sided dice

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Tastelog chat bot


Tastelog is an application for delicious dishes and places. You can download Tastelog in App Store, Google Play, and Naver Store. In Slack, use "/tastelog [keyword] near [location] " to ...

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Sir Gifs a Lot chat bot

Sir Gifs a Lot

If you've ever been in situation where words and emojis just don't seem to be enough to express the emotions you're feeling, Sir Gifs a Lot is here for you. ...

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Fridgg chat bot


Fridgg lets you search through tens of thousands of beautiful food photos, to inspire you (or make your teammates so hungry they're inspired to end that meeting early!) Use the ...

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Indie Coffee chat bot

Indie Coffee

With a simple command, get a cool coffee shop to work from. Start by typing /coffee followed by the city you want to get a recommendation from. For example: /coffee ...

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Uber on Slack chat bot

Uber on Slack

Uber on Slack enables Slack users to hail Uber rides directly from their chat client with a command-line type interface. By using slash commands from the Slack API, Uber on ...

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Bigbux chat bot


Bigbux is a bot that will quickly pay contractors and freelancers via Stripe. Pay Somebody /pay @someuser $400 for design updates /pay [email protected] $150 "Are you sure you want ...

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Movie Night chat bot

Movie Night

Movie Night lets you obtain a complete list of movies showing at the box office (as well as upcoming releases and most popular movies). A brief description, movie poster thumbnail, ...

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Strewth chat bot


Strewth allows you to give or take points from any member in your team. Reward people for their efforts or just because you like them. On the flip side, take ...

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Meme Bot chat bot

Meme Bot

Tired of copy pasting memes from google search? we got you covered. use this meme bot with the /meme-list and /meme commands to generate instant memes from slack. BE A ...

Slack   Soziale   |  1495 |  0. |   0 - Ping-Pong for Slack chat bot - Ping-Pong for Slack

A ping pong bot for your team. Challenge a colleague to a ping-pong game then track your score and ranking. The bot supports leaderboards, seasons, scores, history of matches and ...

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Rukkus chat bot


Rukkus is the premier way to find and buy tickets to your favorite Concerts, Sports, and Theater events! By searching and analyzing tickets from over 1,000 ticket vendors, we find ...

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GIFMAGAZINE is an uploading, sharing and searching website of animated gifs. Especially, we have specialized in Japanese. This integration will enable the /gifmagazine slash command for your team. Example: typing ...

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Bitmoji chat bot


Add this app to your Slack to enable the /bitmoji command for your team. - Every team member can design their own unique avatar - Choose from hundreds of tags ...

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Gif Keyboard chat bot

Gif Keyboard

Share your true feelings with animated GIFs! ☞ Choose and share the perfect GIF ☁︎ Search millions of GIFs ✎ Add CAPTIONS to your GIFs Full List of Features: ✧ ...

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ZOMG Memes! chat bot

ZOMG Memes!

Allows in-channel creation of memes using the /meme command. Supports creating memes by: 1. image search, e.g. /meme cute kitten | omg | kittens! 2. image urls, e.g. /meme ...

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Yo chat bot


Yo is a single-tap, zero character communication tool for your mobile devices. This integration will post notifications in a Slack channel when a Yo is received.

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Giphy chat bot


Giphy lets you search from the world's largest library of animated GIFs, making it easy to find and share them on the web. This integration will enable the /giphy slash ...

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ChangeTip chat bot


Create a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Easily send and receive gifts and rewards for extra special congratulatory messages, to say thanks for the coffee, or reward extraordinary achievements. Send ...

Slack   Soziale   |  1271 |  0. |   0 chat bot breaks through this simple barrier of music sharing, by providing a single link you can share with your team no matter which streaming service they use. Share a link ...

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MovieSom chat bot


The MovieSom integration allows users to fetch movie information like title, imdb rating, duration, release date and movie poster by typing the corresponding command followed by the movie title or ...

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Foursquare chat bot


Can’t decide where to get lunch with your team? Quickly find the best places to eat, drink or hang out, all from inside Slack. To find lunch places nearby, just ...

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Lyft chat bot


Get a ride in minutes with Lyft and experience freedom at your fingertips. Just type a command into Slack, and your ride will be on its way. Use slash commands ...

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Poncho The Weathercat chat bot

Poncho The Weathercat

The Poncho Slack app is an awesome way to get personalized weather forecasts. Once installed anyone in your Slack team simply types /Poncho followed by their zipcode and BINGO the ...

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FaceMatch chat bot


Starting a new job? Need to learn your co-workers names? Finally there is an amazing app that will help you learn the faces and names of the people in your ...

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CatFacts chat bot


CatFacts is the world leader in sending true facts about cats to your team's Slack. Random facts are sent intermittently, but you can also summon an interesting random fact with ...

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Yarn chat bot


Find video clips from your favorite movies, TV, and music videos. Enter a quote or lyric and Yarn automatically returns a short video clip that matches. Yarn also allows subcommands ...

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Team Time Zone chat bot

Team Time Zone

Team Time Zone helps you work out what time it is for everyone on your team. Just sign in with Slack to sync up your team, and see what time ...

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Integrate Imoji stickers into your Slack conversations! Simply type /imoji followed by a search term or complete sentence to get a random sticker! Examples: /imoji happy /imoji can't wait for ...

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