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@must-read for Slack chat bot

@must-read for Slack

@must-read is your digital communication assistant. It will help your team to collect important messages and links and track who have read it. You get and send lots of messages ...

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Revealytics chat bot


Get the key SaaS metrics based on Stripe data right in your Slack channel. Set up daily, weekly and monthly reports with your progress overview. • type overview to get ...

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Emma Hotel Concierge chat bot

Emma Hotel Concierge

Emma is an AI+ML assisted human agent that helps you find the perfect hotel for business travel. 1. Message Emma with your business travel plans, hotel preferences and reward number. ...

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Brisby! chat bot


When a new member joins your team, they may have some common questions. Brisby can help you answer them so you don't have to! You can teach Brisby by asking ...

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Roundtable chat bot


Roundtable enables beautiful, one-click project updates for flat, productive teams. When team members are aware of each other, productivity soars. Say goodbye to old-school reporting: with daily one-sentence updates, the ...

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AppFollow chat bot


Track app activities in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store: • Reviews • Ranks • Keywords (search results positions) • Updates You can track any app in the ...

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Market chat bot


Provides quotes from Yahoo Finance for every mention of a stock ticker. You can say AAPL or $AAPL and get a quote for APPL from Yahoo Finance. The bot, however, ...

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Standup Bot chat bot

Standup Bot

Automated Standups for Slack Channels Standup Bot identifies your team’s daily tasks and roadblocks. It runs your meeting for you by automatically asking your team three daily standup questions. At ...

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LawTrades chat bot


LawTrades helps you complete legal work effortlessly. Just tell it your legal situation and we'll connect you with a vetted business attorney inside Slack. Get upfront price quotes, schedule appointments, ...

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Felix bot chat bot

Felix bot

Felix helps you stay focused on the tasks that really matter to you today. Just tell him your top goals for today, and then cross them off your list as ...

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Your.MD chat bot


With Your.MD you get FREE, AI powered, personalised health info all written by UK doctors. Simply add Your.MD to get started, if you get stuck, type ‘Help’ to see the ...

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Nurtz chat bot


Get a good human professional editor who will swiftly refine and polish your text without having to leave your Slack window. Anyone on your team can drop Nurtz bot a ...

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MailClark chat bot


MailClark is the email bot of your team. He allows you to both send and receive emails & attachments directly in Slack. • Team inboxes & help desks [email protected], [email protected] ...

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In 30 seconds or less, bot lets you securely email sensitive text and important files without requiring user registration and login. Simply message me your text, upload a file ...

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Visjar - The Smart Slack Bot chat bot

Visjar - The Smart Slack Bot

I'm a perfect assistant in daily tasks, such as finding places to eat, fetching for some news or getting the weather... You can speak with me like you usually speak ...

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EmojiBot chat bot


EmojiBot helps you find the best emoji to express any word or phrase! Send a word or phrase to him in a direct message or in a room, and he'll ...

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Turbot chat bot


Turbot is slack-bot that acts as your investment assistant and helps you boost your productivity in acquiring financial information. New function #1: Turbot can now optimize portfolios for you !! ...

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Humblebot chat bot


Humblebot gives you advice every morning on how to be a better human being. Examples of advice includes, "Send someone a thank you note today" and "Ask someone for their ...

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Leo (Officevibe Bot) chat bot

Leo (Officevibe Bot)

The most powerful way to improve employee satisfaction, directly in Slack. Leo asks employees a different question each week about how it's going at work. As soon as new feedback ...

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Ace chat bot


Ace is a bot that helps you and your team manage daily todo's and action items more efficiently. Add new tasks, list out your open tasks, close tasks on the ...

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Statsbot chat bot


Statsbot provides you and your team with analytics insights in the most natural way - just ask him, like your buddy. This data guru monitors your application’s metrics by integrating ...

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Nestor chat bot


• Nestor automates all of the mundane within your team and is completely programmable in Javascript. • There are a bunch of powers available to your team that you can ...

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Pogo chat bot


Pogo is your team’s memory bot - he’ll help you save and retrieve lists of links you want to keep track of. If your team has loads of information you’re ...

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Meekan Scheduling Assistant chat bot

Meekan Scheduling Assistant

Meekan matches everyone’s calendars, and quickly finds common free times. Add our robot to any of your Slack channels, and just ask for a new meeting: "Meekan, schedule a team ...

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Growbot chat bot


Your team is awesome and Growbot helps you celebrate that together. Invite Growbot to channels or groups for an immediate boost in employee appreciation and recognition. Growbot encourages and listens ...

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PlusPlus++ chat bot


PlusPlus++ allows you to plus, minus and keep score of all the good and not so good things your friends say and do on Slack. You can add a point ...

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current chat bot


Current allows you to pay your friends and colleagues on Slack,, or the iPhone App. You can pay anyone, even if they don’t have a Current account. For example: ...

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Brandfolder chat bot


Brandfolder offers two ways to organize, share, and track your brand assets without leaving Slack. Whether you install just one of these apps, or you use them both in harmony, ...

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Nikabot chat bot


Every day Nikabot asks each member of your Slack team one question: “What project did you work on yesterday?”. She then gathers the information and creates accurate Gantt charts and ...

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Howdy chat bot


Howdy is your new digital coworker. Our bot will automate repetitive tasks so you can do the real work. Save time by using Howdy to collect information from your team! ...

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DBOT by Demisto chat bot

DBOT by Demisto

DBOT is free and open source Security Bot integrated into Slack. DBOT scans all the URLs, Files and IP addresses on the channels, groups and private messages in the background. ...

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Tatsu chat bot


This Slack integration allows a team (channel in Slack) to perform standup meetings. It is a bot that looks at all the participants in the channel and asks them configurable ...

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Solid-shmolid chat bot


Solid helps you automate the repetitive parts of your meetings. Use the Solid bot to manage your meetings directly from Slack. List your upcoming meetings and quickly add notes to ...

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ProofMe chat bot


ProofMe is a free, beautiful feedback and approval platform for creative teams of all sizes. Whether your team works with video, images, PDFs, webpages or Word docs, if you are ...

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Instawell chat bot


Online motivation and well-being support for you. In Slack. Instantly. Get on-demand access to real Helpers matched to your specific needs, right when you need it. Just a slash command ...

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Track app activities in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store: • Reviews • Ranks • Keywords (search results positions) • Updates You can track any app in the ...

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KoolPlanner allows anyone within a company to create without hassle company events, such as drinks, farewell parties, afterworks, parties. Everything is done within Slack and the bot has a built-in ...

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Xprt provides instant tech support support for your team from within Slack. Our experts have years of experience and can quickly address all your questions. Describe your problem to our ...

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Could you use an extra pair of hands on your engineering or design team to complete an important project? Quickly find carefully vetted contract engineers you can hire, all from ...

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Sway Finance

Sway integrates with your company's banks and Stripe accounts and reports your company's revenues, expenses, and bank balances on-demand. Curious about a certain time period? Give Sway a date range ...

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