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tlgur - share files from Telegram chat bot

tlgur - share files from Telegram

Usage Contact @tlgurbot bot and send it a file. The bot responds you back with web link to your file. Send the link via Facebook, Whatsup, Skype or publish on ...

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Todo Bot chat bot

Todo Bot

We have exciting news: Meet all new fully-buttoned Todobot with the custom keyboard! Add @thetodobot to your chats and enjoy organizing todo lists using buttons, setting yourself daily reminders on ...

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Short URL chat bot

Short URL

Long URL? NO! With Short URL you can short your personal url and share it with everyone.

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Safe Bot chat bot

Safe Bot

Dropbox? Google Drive? NO! Now you can use Safe Bot to store your files in the cloud. Which benefits do I get if I use Safe Bot? Simple! The cloud ...

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TheRockBot chat bot


Get data from TheRockTraing and other Bitcoin exchanges, along with useful info from blockr API

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The Notifier chat bot

The Notifier

With this bot, you can send a user a private notification to get his or hers attention from a private group.

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Telegram Gifts chat bot

Telegram Gifts

Hello! I'm telegram bot. I'll give you awesome offer to win gifts. Stay with me

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Telegram Files chat bot

Telegram Files

This bot upload files to cloud and gives an external link. Maximum size: 25Mb

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TFiles Bot chat bot

TFiles Bot

Secure Telegram-based file hosting, you can share for everybody any file you want.

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Text to Speech Bot chat bot

Text to Speech Bot

A Text to Speech (TTS) Bot for Telegram. Convert all your text messages in a voice clips easily. We are adding more languages!

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Text To Emoji chat bot

Text To Emoji

😍With this bot you can make a typography contains emojis.

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TempMail chat bot


This bot allow you to use temporary email addresses with 10-minute self-destruction.

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Telegram Groups chat bot

Telegram Groups

A bot to browse and search new Telegram groups.

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TeleDrive chat bot


Send me any files and I'll categorize and move them to your Google Drive

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TechnoBot chat bot


•Find the best DJ Sets and Tracks• •Download Techno Walpapers• Hard Techno Techno Techno minimal DnB Techno house

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Tbotify, easy bot creator chat bot

Tbotify, easy bot creator

Give your bot token to @TbotifyBot send broadcast messages and add your custom commands.

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Taxi chat bot


Get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. Use our app in cities around the world. http://ubr.to/1myavdq

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Tally Bot chat bot

Tally Bot

With TallyBot you can manage tally lists (actually it's just databased integer variables) in groups with your friends, visible for everyone.

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TagRobot chat bot


With @TagRobot you can receive a message everytime you'll be tagged in a group, with info on groups and message.

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TagAlertBot chat bot


Hi there! I'm TagAlertBot, and I'm here to help you! With me, you will never lose important messages inside your favorite groups again. When someone tag you using your @username, ...

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SysAdmin Tools chat bot

SysAdmin Tools

This bot includes some popular utilities helping system administrators, daily. /whois Whois for a domain name [/whois domain.tld] /ip Get domain IP whois data /ptr Get the PTR record from ...

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Sunrise & Sunset time Bot chat bot

Sunrise & Sunset time Bot

Sunrise & Sunset time Bot gives you the sunset and sunrise times for a given location

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Youtube subscribe chat bot

Youtube subscribe

Bot sends you links to new videos from the addition of channels to which you subscribe

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StockPro chat bot


StockPro is finance bot that helps you to be on top of stock market trends. Key features: ✅ Search stock quotes by company name or ticker symbol. ✅ Track stock ...

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Peel-A-Sticker chat bot


Easily download your favorite stickers as images by sending them!

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Steam Watcher Bot chat bot

Steam Watcher Bot

You can subscribe to all the games you're interested in the Steam Store and this bot will send you a daily message when they're on sale.👍🏽

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SteamStatus chat bot


A Telegram bot that informs you when Steam or any Game Coordinator is down.

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START Google Search chat bot

START Google Search

You want to quickly share a Google search result with your friends? This inline chat easily lets you share web search, image, news and video results with your friends. How ...

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Stanliopsis chat bot


Welcome to Stanliopsis Bot Your daily dose of inspiration, laughter and food for thought 💭

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Spots Bot chat bot

Spots Bot

The Spots bot will help you to find best, cool places around your current location: bars, restaurants, cafés, museums etc. The bot is based on the data provided by Yelp.com ...

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Spoiler Bot chat bot

Spoiler Bot

Send spoilers discreetly, so no one hates you for doing it.

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SpellerBot chat bot


This bot checks word spelling. Send him a word or phrase and he will correct mistakes (or suggest variants).

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SomeBots chat bot


☑Free Advertising platform: 💥Bots💥 💥Channels💥 💥Groups💥 ☑Now you have the opportunity to advertise for free

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سهای سلامت chat bot

سهای سلامت

به سهای سلامت ایرانیان خوش آمدید به روز ترین اخبار سلامت و پیشگیری از سرطان توسط سهای سلامت ایرانیان و برای همه ایرانیان sohayesalamat

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Smart Watch Stylo chat bot

Smart Watch Stylo

Welcome to iFaiStore™ Pre-order Smart Watch termurah di Malaysia

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Personal Assistant chat bot

Personal Assistant

I'm personal assistant which tracks your schedule and sends notifications about events in Telegram. With me, you can create simple events such as "meeting with friends at 5:00 PM" and ...

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Site Sentinel chat bot

Site Sentinel

Site Sentinel is a presence monitor for servers and website pages. When a user's site or page in is not reachable bot send a notification and one When it come ...

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Sift Bot chat bot

Sift Bot

Sift is a multipurpose bot which can understand your natural language queries and respond quickly. It is created with the objective to enhance messaging with friends and to get quick ...

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Siarobo chat bot


News about @siarobo robot

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Movie Showtimes Bot chat bot

Movie Showtimes Bot

I can show you nearby theaters and showtimes. Just start by letting me know where you are with the /setlocation command, and then I will be able to send you ...

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Shorten URL chat bot

Shorten URL

Robot that will help you to shorten URL. Based on Google URL Shortener

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ShapeShift.io Bot chat bot

ShapeShift.io Bot

Unofficial ShapeShift.io bot. You can use it to exchange any currency supported on ShapeShift.

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SGHaze chat bot


Get notified about Singapore's current PSI level.

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Serie A chat bot

Serie A

A Telegram bot that provides data and statistics about Serie A, the italian soccer league.

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SearchByImage chat bot


Search sites where the pictures are located and their duplicates.

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URL shooter chat bot

URL shooter

Make screenshots of websites by simply pasting their URL

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Сбербанк chat bot


Официальный бот от Сбербанка

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SA Stock Bot chat bot

SA Stock Bot

South Africa JSE share prices at your fingertips

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